Winter 2015 Concert

Poster for February 2015 Concert

The winter concert took place on 7th February 2015 at the Ruddock Centre, The Schools of King Edward, Birmingham B15 2UA.

The theme for winter 2015 was the magical. Weber transformed opera in the 19th century with a series of works of which Der Freischütz (The 'free shooter' or 'marksman') is possibly the best. The plot is thick with sorcery, the casting of magic bullets, etc., and the overture is just as magical as the rest of it. Dvořák's excellent tone poem 'Polednice' is not so often heard, which is a pity. It draws on Czech folk tales of witches and magic and should be a treat for the audience. The concert is rounded off with Berlioz's images of witches in the well-known Symphonie Fantastique.

The programme was as follows.

Conductor: Lee Differ