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There is an extensive collection of images, past programmes, and other information for SBS members, all available via these web pages. Some of this web content is password protected. If you don't know the password, ask your section leader, or Sadie (the web editor, trombone) at a rehearsal.

The members' web pages also provide means for members to suggest pieces for future programmes, or make comments on proposals that have already been made.

Everyone should have had information recently about the players' forum, the main task of which is to select programmes for the coming season. Please make sure your section representative has your views and if there is no section representative at the next meeting maybe you would like to volunteer?

In addition, the orchestra invites all members to contribute to these pages. Any suggestions are welcome. Even better, a few sentences on what a particular piece of music we are performing or have just performed means to you would be a great addition to these pages. You don't have to write an erudite analysis of the music, but if you want to that would be great too!

Do check out what is here. We are adding to this section of the web regularly.

Data protection policy

Important new information on data protection and other computer data-related matters for members are here in PDF format. Please read!

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