Rossini, orch. Britten: Soirées Musicales

The South Birmingham Sinfonia will perform this symphony in their Winter 2019 concert on 9th February 2019.

Benjamin Britten arranged a number of dance movements from Rossini for film, which have also been used for ballet. The set played tonight is called "Soirées Musicales", a title used by Rossini himself in a set of parlour pieces for voice and piano.

1. March, from William Tell

2. Canzonetta, from Rossini's "Les soirées musicales, 1. La promesse"

3. Tirolese, from "Les soirées musicales, 6. La pastorella dell'Alpi"

4. Bolero, from "Les soirées musicales, 5. L'invito"

5. Tarantella, from Rossini's "Trois choeurs religieux, 3. La charité"

©RWK for SBS, August/September 2018